Heart & Prayers

Heart & Prayers
A women’s ceremony and community promoting connection, compassion, and creative prayer. As we enter our ceremony, Sacred Cacao, a gentle heart opener, will help us fully unlock our self-compassion.

An in-person experience
No previous experience necessary

Have you been longing to take the next step in your spiritual journey?
A journey which deepens the connection both within and without?
A path which connects you more fully to your heart and divine love?
To create something that brings peace and healing to yourself and others?
To experience deep joy?

If so, Heart & Prayers is calling you.

We begin our ceremony with a gentle meditation to bring our whole Selves into sacred circle. Once we are in a more present state we will begin our journey with Sacred Cacao. Ceremonial grade cacao is a gentle heart opener, while at the same time boosts our energy and love channels. Sacred Cacao also bridges our physical and emotional bodies allowing us to be more connected and whole. The Spirit of Cacao will be our inner guiding light to more fully unlock our self-compassion.

Mother drum, the heartbeat of Divine Mother, will guide us deeper into the healing realms of the ancient soul medicine of Sacred Cacao. The unique combination of Drum and Cacao will support us in aligning our energetic fields with Divine Love. Our inner altar of our heart will then be prepared to create prayers for our personal world or that of the collective.

After connecting more deeply to our inner light, we will explore creativity as prayer, our powerful birth right. We will tap into the spiritual practices of our eldest ancestors to create connection and healing. As a group, we will intentionally release our prayers into the world thereby exponentially magnifying our creativity and positive intentions. Joy bursts forth naturally.

“In speaking our truth and fully loving ourselves we are not only freeing our heart but also healing our soul” -Pauline Saade

What others are saying regarding their experience with Heart & Prayers:

“Finding my heart held a prayer of her own, disclosed ever so gently by the Heart & Prayers process, I discovered an inner whisper of guidance yet unknown to my conscious mind. Fresh insight produced peace and hope, unlocked by merging inner heart wisdom with the conscious outer mind” -Tina Busby

Every 3rd Friday of the month
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Price: $35.00*
*A portion of all proceeds is donated to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and Sanctuary.

What to bring:
A One Word Intention
Your favorite cup and spoon
Journal and writing instrument
Yoga mat and blanket
Water to drink
Simple art supplies i.e., crayons, markers, colored pencils.
A dish to share

How to prepare:
Hydrate with water the day of our ceremony

Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, and all other altering influences the day of our ceremony

Avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before our ceremony

Come with your curious heart and mind

After our ceremony, we will deepen our connection to one another and share our process during a shared communal meal.

Belinda Haverdill is the founder of Spiral Path Healing Arts Center. She’s been practicing and teaching the powerful art of mindfulness and ancient healing wisdoms for almost 30 years, providing a welcoming place for Spirit and Mystery in our ordinary lives. You can often find Belinda drinking Mama Cacao in various places, in the woods, labyrinths, on the front steps of her home and even while paddle boarding.

I am immensely grateful for all the women during my life who have shared their wisdom with me. It is because of you I am able to birth Heart & Prayers at this time.


May 19


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Heart & Prayers

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