Since I was young, I have had the tendency to make up words. They have always made sense to me, although maybe not to those around me listening. Recently, I used the word “comfortability,” thinking it was one of my fanciful made-up words. I had to chuckle when I discovered it was a real word in an online dictionary. 

According to Wiktionary, comfortability means “the quality or state of being comfortable or relaxed.”

In our stressed-out world, having a felt sense of comfortability can be a real gift. Our fears and anxieties seem miles away. Our mind, body, and emotions all feel a sense of calm. It is in our nature to seek out experiences that promote comfortability.

Is it possible for comfortability to have a downside? I believe so. It is natural for us not to want to leave the comfortability bubble which we build for ourselves. It can become very anxiety provoking to leave this place of peace. Our fears see everything outside of our bubble as a threat. We say “no” to possible new opportunities due to not wanting to feel uncomfortable. To remain safe, we stay in our bubble, creating a smaller and smaller world for ourselves, not wanting to experience fear. 

The problem is we begin to equate all fears the same, not being able to distinguish between something truly threatening and something that just might be a new opportunity that has the potential to stretch us in beautiful ways. 

I personally have found ways to stretch beyond my comfort zone, even though it is scary. My soul is constantly calling me to move forward, to try new things which bring some spice to my life. I have discovered my confidence increases along with feeling more joy when I add uncomfortable experiences to my days. To tell you the truth, it is not easy.  Yet embracing my fears and anxieties and participating in the new experience helps me be more whole.

Maybe your world has gotten smaller due to not wanting to leave the feeling of your comfortability bubble. I am encouraging you to move beyond your protective bubble gently and to seek out new experiences actively.

If possible, try something new this week, knowing that it may bring about some feelings of discomfort. If this happens, tap into self-compassion, reminding yourself that it is normal to feel some stress doing new things. Take some mindful breaths and continue moving forward slowly, mindful of any anxiety that arises. Remind yourself that you are safe. You are leaning into your growing edges. 

You may really surprise yourself with how good it is to embrace uncomfortable moments and emerge from the journey at the other end with a smile of pride on your face, being grateful for the opportunity.