Jun 16
Heart & Prayers
Sanctuary Imports - 822 Lamar Ave
Jul 21
Heart & Prayers
Sanctuary Imports - 822 Lamar Ave

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Upcoming Heart & Prayers Events

This group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at Sanctuary Imports from 6 - 8 PM, followed by a communal meal.

Have you been longing to take the next step in your spiritual journey?
A journey which deepens the connection both within and without?
A path which connects you more fully to your heart and divine love?
To create something that brings peace and healing to yourself and others?
To experience deep joy?

If so, Heart & Prayers is calling you.
A women’s ceremony promoting healing and well-being.

As we enter our ceremony, Sacred Cacao, a gentle heart opener, will be our inner guiding light to more fully unlock our self-compassion. Ceremonial Cacao boosts our energy and love channel while bridging our physical and emotional bodies.

Mother drum, the heartbeat of Divine Mother, will guide us deeper into the healing realms of ancient soul medicine. The unique combination of Drum and Cacao will support us in aligning our energetic fields with Divine Love. Our inner altar of our heart will then be prepared to create prayers for our personal world or that of the collective.

Connecting to our inner spirit, we will explore creativity as prayer, a powerful birth right. Our inner child has this wisdom which taps into the spiritual practices of our eldest ancestors. While in community, we will intentionally release our prayers into the world thereby exponentially magnifying our creativity and positive intentions. Joy bursts forth naturally.