A Self-Sufficient Journey

As the first born of five children, I learned early to be self-sufficient. I believe that parents desire this of their children at some point in their lives. It demonstrates that they have done their job well as parents. Self-sufficiency has many incredible, positive attributes. It enables us to build businesses that provide products or services that help others as well as providing for ourselves and our families.

Self-sufficiency has a shadow-side as well. When we ignore this side we often pay unforeseen consequences. The shadow-side can be most easily seen in our connections; our relationships to others and to the spirit realm. The shadow-side often includes a reluctance to accept help or even ask for assistance; operating in fear that we may appear weak. In addition, our heart can have a protective energy around it so that others do not see our vulnerabilities. We fear losing control.

While waiting at the airport for my delayed flight recently, the shadow-side of self-sufficiency became instantly more clear to me in my life. Weeks before this travel, I was pondering what was going to occur once I got to my destination. Old and more recent wounds were very present. As usual, my heart felt like it was being protected so that no harm would come to me. Although, on a daily basis I connect to my highest level guides and ancestors during meditation, I did not think of asking for assistance on this emotional journey. This goes against my proud self-sufficiency part of my personality.

I looked down at my phone and saw an app that I rarely use these days: Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. It dawned on me there may be a wonderful, high vibrational being willing to travel with me for a few days. I virtually pulled a card. White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared. The title of the card was “Peace Offering”. The words: “Leave the details about how this situation will be resolved to the infinite wisdom of the universe”. My heart softened. My anxious parts settled. Not just about my delayed flight, but also for what was waiting for me once I reached my flight destination.

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