Manifesting Your Desires with Imagination

As we approach the cross-quarter day between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, I am finding signs of life emerging. Daffodils and a few bright yellow blooms of forsythia have caught my attention during my recent travels. A delightful surprise with all the grey clouds and rain we have experienced this winter in the Charlotte area.

A new ray of hope begins to emerge when signs of spring catch our attention. We stir from our slumber and begin to envision what we really want for our lives. Seasonal energy supports our creative process. It is as if our dreams, during the dark winter, give way to clearer ideas of our desires; the seeds for our goals for the year.

This moment is fleeting just like when you first wake in the morning and are still pondering your lingering dreams before your foot hits the floor. It is vital to harness the energy of this time. By recognizing the changing season, we have the potential to change right in step with it. This may be why both my women’s business group, as well as my women’s spirituality circle, have put time aside to create Vision Boards.

Traditionally, Vision Boards are a creative tool where one uses words, statements, pictures, symbols, etc. to build a collage that represents one’s desires (goals) for the year. Often, Vision Boards use images and words from magazines, photos, and other sources. These images are simply glued to a poster board. Thus, we have a visual representation of what we want to put our energy towards during the growing season. The Vision Board keeps in mind our intentions throughout the year.

Although Vision Boards are fun to create, the truth of the matter: there is often much more to manifesting our desires besides just imagining them into fruition. This may sound like heresy to some. Please here me out. Along with the basics of creating your Vision Board, may I suggest a few steps to empower your Vision Board process more fully this year?

First, during your quiet time begin to ask your higher Self and your most helpful guides which desires are for your greatest good. We often dream of realms unknown. Therefore, everything we have dreamt about may not be in our best interest. The visions may not be in alignment with our soul’s purpose. Vision Boards are a co-creative process with the Great Mystery. Sometimes we need to be willing to let desires go by trusting the journey; knowing something greater is waiting for us. It is like having your seeds for your garden in the palm of your hand and noticing some are not fit to plant for some reason or another.

Second, we are responsible for taking particular and actionable steps to support our vision. We must be intentional so that our vision is birthed into our 3D reality. This is where Wisdom, the sister of Imagination, comes to support us. If you ask for Her assistance, She will help you determine smaller achievable steps to support you in reaching your goals. Again, this is a co-creative spiritual practice. Some steps are for you and others for Spirit. It is a great weaving of energies.

Now that I have created my traditional Vision Board, I am in the process of working with Wisdom to utilize the other side of my Vision Board. This is used as a place to write the steps that I am responsible for in achieving my goals. Although this seems a little daunting at times, I am willing to be open to being supported on many levels.

Imagination and Wisdom are enabled to work together for my highest good. I am trusting the process more each day. I encourage you to create a two-sided Vision Board as well. I would love to hear about your dreams becoming a reality, even in the small steps you take throughout the year. And I am here to support you through the things that fall away or if you feel blocked.

With support from the Great Mystery, may small moments of achievement strengthen your fortitude and build your confidence; knowing your highest-level dreams are within reach.

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