Fear and Faith

“We cannot escape ourselves.”

Recently, while reading, these words jumped off the page and hit me square on my head and in my heart. For several days, I had been experiencing an internal struggle causing me to feel trapped in my own body. My internal dialogue was so intense, activating those familiar parts of myself that hold strong feelings of fear.

When Fear rises it has the ability to stop me in my tracks. Although my initial response may be to ignore, distract, and run away from Fear, I ultimately need to face Fear. If I don’t, Fear will just get bigger.

When I am activated in such profound ways, I have come to know that this is an opportunity to go deeper. This enables me to heal and grow on my spiritual journey. Strong, uncomfortable feelings and beliefs are Spirit’s way of saying “Hello, it’s time to wake up!”

Once I gained a little perspective, I was able to be present with Fear. I discovered the beliefs Fear held from long ago. These are not necessarily new connections I was making, just the continuation of my healing process.

Enter: Faith

What emerged from this most recent encounter was the meeting of Fear’s polarity: Faith. As I deeply heard Fear, Faith appeared to me as a lovely, gentle, and energetic being. I realized she has been with me in the past; in other forms.

After years of working on the emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic realms, I have discovered there are more beings. Beings that are on the Sixth Dimension and beyond who are here to support us on our path. We already have words, images, symbols, and sensations that are in our field-of-awareness. These contain real energies from other dimensions of consciousness. Whether these beings pre-exist or our realization and awareness creates them in this other dimension is unknown. I truly believe it is a co-creative, co-connection process.

Fear and Faith in Unity

On that day, Faith spoke to me saying that, “without acknowledging Fear, there is no pathway to me”. As human beings, we need to consistently hold the “whole” of who we are and not just parts of the whole. Holding the polarities within ourselves gives rise to support on many levels. What is within is also without.

The next time a belief or emotion arises within you, see if you can hold compassion for that part of you; knowing you are truly beloved and supported in often unseen ways.

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