Reflection and Envisioning

As the year begins to draw to a close and before we begin anew, we are naturally drawn down memory lane. This act of slowing down to reflect over this past year has the potential for creating a powerful healing moment before stepping into a new year.

December of last year, due to the potential of this moment, I decided to begin a new journal dedicated to recording my experiences for the new year, both personal and professional. In the past, I have found myself forgetting or confusing when moments occurred that were important to me. Having my dedicated journal has had a profound impact as I reflect upon the events of this year.

Reviewing not only my written words in my journal but also the little trinkets that I collected along the way is giving me an incredible opportunity for reflection. I have found myself smiling when I see the tickets to the Charlotte Knights game for the annual company event of my husband’s employer on July 24th. I have a napkin from the Lazy Goat Restaurant in Greenville, SC where I ate dinner after experiencing such heartfelt spiritual encounters with those I met attending the Awakenings 11:11 event on June first.

I also dedicated a portion of my journal to inspirations that came along during the year. I do hope these seeds will be manifested at some point in the future when the time is right. I review these seeds from time to time to keep me envisioning possibilities; a profoundly spiritual practice.

At this moment, with the help of my journal, I am able to both reflect upon the past as well as envision the future; giving lots of space for Mystery to enter into my timeline.

I invite you now to set aside some sacred time for reflection, even if you may not have tracked your path this year in a formal way. Remember to hold compassion in your heart for yourself. Take a few moments to look backward. Here are a few questions that may support you in pondering your journey.

Where were the moments of Joy?





What seeds of inspiration did you envision at the start of the year?

What happened to these seeds?

Did these seeds change and move into something more then you ever could imagine?

What surprised you?

Where did you apply compassion for yourself as well as towards others?

How did Mystery enter your life?

Where did you feel supported?

Where did you feel alone?

In what ways have you grown and expanded?

What did you learn about yourself?

Finally, which seeds of inspiration do you want to take with you into the New Year?

Time can move swiftly. Taking a moment to slow down during this time of year and reflect can be a powerful motivator for envisioning something different for our lives in the future. We are able to move forward more purposefully once we collect the treasures we have gained during the past year. As you reflect upon 2019, it is my heart’s desire that you recall moments of joy and glimpse of possibilities for 2020.

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