The Energy of Fall’s Presence

For several weeks now, I have been hearing the excitement in the voices of people around me regarding the glimpses of fall weather that are arriving. There are hopes of cooler days and nights that coax the brilliant colors from the leaves of the trees. Everyone seems to have more energy prompted by fall’s presence. Even time is impacted and seems to gain more momentum; speeding like a freight train. One woman jokingly told me “Happy HollowThankMas”. ‘Tis the season.

Her words hit me hard. I don’t remember it always being this way. Meaning, I recall a time when there was space to rest, create, and dream during the growing darkness. Personally, I don’t believe this shift from quiet to buzzing started within myself but rather outwardly, through the messages of our culture. I began to wonder, “Am I missing something vital for my soul by agreeing to this fast-paced life, which is out of sync with nature?” Our societal messages are forcing a complete bypass of the gifts of this season.

During this time, light surrenders to the ever-growing pregnant darkness. The trees release their leaves back to Mother Earth to be a healing source of energy to the soil and a hiding place for small creatures.

It is in the protection of darkness that we are able to attend to our true inner light. No outside lights to distract ourselves. Clarity emerges regarding blocks to our light from shining more fully. These blocks can be located externally, within, or both. We can take the time in the dark to deal with these blocks in gentle effective ways. It is in the deep darkness that we have the resources and the energy to heal. I have discovered Divine Love is at the heart of darkness. Where Divine Love resides, great spontaneous healing begins to take root. By befriending the darkness, we allow ourselves room to blossom, with our inner light gaining momentum to shine ever more brightly.

May you find the space and time to be in the darkness so you may restore, heal, and dream this HollowThankMas season. The world needs your brilliance.

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