Gratitude Offering

It is often through the small gestures of our lives that true spiritual connection can be created and maintained. In our busy lives, these small actions often get overlooked, thought of as unimportant, or worse yet, completely forgotten. It is often the simplest of things that can make a powerful positive impact whether it is with our relationships with others or to our connection to the divine.

Take a moment and recall the last time someone did a “small gesture” on your behalf honoring your relationship. Maybe it was an actual card in the mail, (stamp and all!) or a phone call when you needed it most. What was your experience? How did this kindness impact you?

To be seen and acknowledged in such a beautifully simple manner has the ability to open our hearts to new possibilities of connection.

I have found this to be true also in my relationship with the Spirit of Mother Earth. Recently, I felt called to return to making a simple offering of gratitude to Mother Earth for her sustaining me in every way possible on a daily basis.

Each morning, I put little water in a beautiful small bowl with a little added sugar. I head out my front door facing east, symbolizing a new day for me to enjoy and encounter. I begin to hum then sing a simple melody originating from my heart in order to raise my vibration. Standing with my offering of gratitude to the Spirit of Gaia singing and listening to the birds, I imagine my roots going deep. Feeling the breeze on my body and the warmth of the air on my skin, I raise my arms as branches of a tree connecting to All There Is. After a few moments, I pour my offering onto the land giving thanksgiving for air, light, water, and earth. All of these elements are essential to sustaining life on our planet.

This simple ceremony is transformative for me. I share mine just as an example of one way to express gratitude to all that sustains me; both on the seen and unseen, subtle realms. This is my “card with a stamp on it”. This is my desire to deepen my connection to the divine.

May you explore and discover ways of creating a gratitude offering to support and sustain your relationship with All There Is so that you may experience joy and peace in your life, even if it is just for a moment.

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