The Door

Although the Light has been steadily returning since Winter Solstice, the colder mornings have me withdrawing and diving more deeply into my spiritual practices. And even more so as a new year is being born.

I know for many during this first month of the year; their spiritual practices include setting intentions, dreaming of possibilities, and creating vision boards. These practices become a valuable roadmap as the year unfolds.

To gain discernment and clarity for my intentions for this new year, I have been spending quite a bit of time in a deep meditative state, listening to my Highest Self and high-level guides. I received what I initially felt was a radical message regarding 2022. I want to share it with you in the event that it may have some resonance for you.

While being initially surprised, I leaned into what was being shared with me. I was gently being reminded of the parts of me that relish stability and want desperately to believe I have control over my life. I was shown my computer with the day-to-day appointments on my calendar all lined up with perfect precision; these “ordinary” routines I create to stay on the road that I know. I saw each one of my days having immense structure providing an illusion that I have autonomy over my life.

As I held this truth in my heart, suddenly a door appeared before me.

This door was vaguely familiar to me as an energy that I had encountered before. As I bore witness to this door, I realized I had absolutely no idea what was on the other side. I remained still before this door. Parts of me became scared as I began to realize The Great Unknown was on the other side. The unknown of what truly the future holds and all its possibilities.

I patiently held those parts of me that were scared, allowing me to be still and wait. I was then shown that this Door is truly the portal between the present moment in time and the Great Mystery. Although I might plan days or even months out, I realized I have not allowed enough space for the great Mystery to enter my life more fully. In the past, this door had sprung open when I least expected it which created havoc, leaving me to pick up the pieces of my life.

Now, this Door is presenting itself to me in a conscious manner, as well as on the spiritual plane. What a gift. The awareness that on the other side of this Door is infinite opportunities. Deep in my heart I know I am being asked to surrender to the Unknown. To be open to new possibilities far beyond anything I could ever dream of on my own.

From this, I gleamed my primary intention for this new year is to create space daily to be aware of this Door. Releasing my grip onto the known, letting go and embracing fully the mystery of the Great Unknown. I sense this is going to be a powerful spiritual practice for this new year.

I am curious where this year will lead me. 

Please reach out to me should you have any questions or if you would like for me to start a healing journey with you.

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