Receiving the Extraordinary

Can you recall a moment in your life where you felt pure joy? Or a time that you felt so loved by something bigger than yourself? For me, there are no words that can thoroughly explain the experience. I am fully present and able to receive these gifts without any hesitation. There is a feeling of transcendence. I am connected to both myself and to All There Is. 

I don’t know about you, but at times, these moments can seem fleeting. They often appear to happen spontaneously. For example, recently while visiting my daughter in Ohio, I felt the most profound powerful sense of Love wrapping all around me. I was immersed. I was doing my own thing in the back of a large room where an aerobics class was taking place. Maybe you have experienced something like this too? Something out of the extraordinary entering into the ordinary.

A part of me would love to have an outline or manual with step-by-step directions on how to achieve this uplifting state more often. The idea of knowing that “If only I did this, then I would feel more Peace, Joy, Love, etcetera” is desirable. Although I do not have specific steps, I have a sense that I am more available than ever before. I realize that I am open to the possibility of a deeper connection to the Mystery.

As I contemplate being more available, my perception is that there are realms existing that I have yet to discover. I dive deeper into the places of myself that hold profound sadness, anger, fear, shame, along with the lingering impact of traumatic memories. As I enter this depth, I begin to see a space that opens up for a connection to realms of which I am unaware. Realms that allow me to unpack the pain. Going towards pain rather than fleeing from it seems ludicrous. Yet for me, this is how it works. The feeling of Bliss gets trapped in the shadowy places of our psyche; places where we do not want to go. To acknowledge these profoundly difficult emotions and deal with them in a compassionate manner allows us to connect more deeply to Love, Peace, and Joy. One cannot experience one without the other. For me, this is about living life authentically even if it is in the face of aching grief due to the death of a loved one. In this journey, I reflect upon the loss of my father. By allowing myself to feel this painful loss, I am able to be present and experience the moment. This is fertile soil for the Great Mystery to meet me. Whether I am walking along a country road, meditating in my sacred place, or just doing my thing in the back of a large room in a gym, the Great Mystery finds me.

It is my heart’s desire that you release more healing power within yourself so that you may encounter more Love, Joy, and Peace in your daily life. To experience bliss through connecting to All There Is in the ordinary. I am here to support you in your journey by using Soulful Healing ways to expand the light that is within and around you. I am here to be of service to your divine human light.

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