During a walk, not so long ago, I heard a sound I have not heard in a while. It was the sound of leaves in the trees being rustled by the wind. Such a different sound than when the branches are bare during the winter months. It touched my heart with joy to hear this warm weather sound. I love these subtle reminders of transformation which is always occurring around us. Nature’s ever-changing energy is a testament to our own potential for transformation. Change is always happening whether we are open to it or not.

Dragonflies have been a symbol of transformation and a reminder of the magic and mystery in our lives. When dragonflies show up, I pay attention. I ask, “Is there a message of transformation for me?”

A moment came while I was washing my car recently. I heard a fluttering in my garage. It did not sound like the occasional bird who flies quickly in and out again. Upon investigating, I saw the largest dragonfly I’d ever seen flying by one of the garage windows trying to escape. I continued to listen while washing my car. The dragonfly would be quiet for a bit, and I wondered if she had given up. Then, after a few minutes, I heard her trying to escape once again.

I began to think how I could help. What could I use to gently escort her to find the way out? Since this event went on for some time, I began to ask, “What does this symbolize for transformation in my own life?” As I was pondering the message of the dragonfly, she finally found her escape through the open garage door. I felt both relieved and happy she found her way to freedom.

Just as spring’s renewal awakens everything around us, we are reminded that transformation is going to happen whether we want it to or not. Sometimes we make the conscious decision to change and other times it comes from outside sources. Since change is inevitable, you may want to ponder…

What transformation is happening for me now?

Can I tap into the truth of my soul’s desire for this change?

How is my heart responding to the possibilities?

Is there a way to incorporate some gentleness and ease with this change?

What I learned from the dragonfly is that transformation can be a struggle. It is not an easy process to re-birth ourselves. It is a time to draw in courage and self-compassion. We may try several times before change finds its way to us. Do not give up. Remember, transformation will always find its way to freedom.