Spring has this incredible ability to awaken all my senses out of their winter slumber; as life emerges in such gentle yet powerful ways. The array of beautiful colors, textures, aromas, and sounds has the ability to birth me back to myself. It is a sense of returning to something brand new, yet so very familiar. Spring begins to spiral and deepens my spiritual dreams of winter; providing me with a sense of awe and clarity. 

It is at this point in time that the sacred pilgrimage of my soul, which has been at a semi-conscious level during winter, rises to the surface just like the daffodil and tulip bulbs.

Archangel Ariel Emerges

On a recent spring morning during my intuitive meditation, the winter “bulbs” I have been working with, pink roses (compassion) and golden lionesses (protection, strength), peeked more fully through the earth.

What emerged ever so gently was the Archangel Ariel. I was a little astonished when I heard from my Highest Self that Archangel Ariel was now here to support my sacred path. I have not worked much with the archangels. Holding curiosity, my research indicated that Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature. She is helping us to learn the natural and healing rhythms of the earth. I have walked the sacred path of The Wheel for many years; honoring the changing cycles and the healing energies available to humanity.

The Lion is her namesake animal, while her name, Ariel, means “lion of God”. It was by no accident during this past February that I was drawn to create a special candle with the image titled “Lion Lotus” by Eileen M. Rose. The image is of a woman in lotus position with the face of a lion superimposed upon her. She is radiating gold and white light from her chakra centers.

Unconditional Love

Pink light, which is the same frequency of rose quartz, is a tool in prayer to communicate with God(dess) and Ariel. I had to laugh because I have two pink quartz crystals in my office. I have experienced pink quartz as a gentle heart opener to unconditional love; of which I can never get enough.

The lessons I continue to learn during my sacred intuitive meditation practice affirms my spiritual path as an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor. I am grateful for the highest vibration of Ariel to be with me at this time as a resource and guide. May she support me and those I serve in beautiful, loving, and healing ways as spring continues to unfold.

I am curious as to which spiritual seeds you have been nurturing during the winter that are now emerging with new wisdom for your soul’s path? Take a moment and reflect. Are there any reoccurring themes that you are now able to see more clearly? May you feel supported on this new spring path as wisdom from the winter continues to flourish.

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