Growing Our Spiritual Journey

Have you ever found yourself plateauing when it comes to your spiritual journey? You are just skipping along, growing and expanding, and then at some point, you realize you are stagnant. I know. I have experienced this while walking my spiritual path over the years – dare I say, for many years.

Although I have always known about it on an intuitive level, I have gained more clarity about the process of growth and decay in my own spiritual evolution. For me, I have found a direct correlation between my own deep inner healing work and the growth of my spiritual path. My deep healing work is completely intertwined with my ability to consciously expand and meet the divine within and around me.

I know that doing deep healing work may be a radical idea in our society that is dominated by social media. We are told that everything needs to look perfect – to not show our vulnerable, anxious, sad, shameful, traumatized sides of ourselves. The message is to hide, ignore, and get rid of these “uncomfortable” feelings and/or “negative” thoughts. We are told to focus on the ‘light.” In our religious/spiritual gatherings, we put a smile on our face even if our inner world does not match the expression on our faces.

As a result, our emotional tolerance is at an all-time low. We are unable to have compassion for our own “shadow” parts and, at times, for others. Thus, we block our connection to our own divinity, which is connected to Source. And this lack of compassion radiates out. The truth is, if we are hurting, we are unable to wholly connect with Love.

Who is not suffering at some level? Every human being on this planet is. It is part of the human condition. We have to be honest with ourselves and tell ourselves the truth with love.

It is truly courageous work to do this deep dive into our pain and suffering. As we slip more into the darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, we are able – with support on so many levels – to explore with heartfelt curiosity and begin our next level of healing towards wholeness. The energy now provides fertile soil to acknowledge, connect, heal, and restore our inner world. It is an opportunity to expand and grow on our human and spiritual walk. Please remember this precious secret. Every shadow side of us has an enormous gift, which when uncovered, radiates out into the world. Our spiritual path opens up once again. To fully connect to our divinity – to Spirit – we must have compassion for our own humanity.

As you ease into this season of growing darkness, may you find the courage to follow your inner truth and connect to the support you need on every level – spiritual, emotionally, physically, mentally, and energetically.

If you do find yourself needing extra support, I am here for you, holding sacred space for your personal growth and spiritual expansion.

With Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love,


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